3 Design objects


This object is a hairbrush. This object is my most cherished and favourite. I use it five to six times a day. You can feel that it is very colourful at first sight, that’s why it’s very attractive. The material is not slippery, so it feels good to hold and it feels like a rubber band material. If you look at the comb, it is curved like an earthworm and the end of the tip is round. So, it doesn’t even hurt when I comb my hair because the tip is not sharp. As you can see the colours are colourful, yellow, blue, pink, green, purple, and orange. So just looking at it without using it makes me happy. Another reason I like about this object is that it has a mirror at the back of the brush. You don’t have to take out a separate mirror when you use this brush outside. Also, there is a small hole at the bottom of the brush where you can carry it around like a keyring on your bag or somewhere else. So, it’s very convenient when you carry it or travel. I recommend taking this hairbrush with you when you go on a holiday. 

Makeup organiser

This object is a makeup organiser, and it helps me to organize my cosmetics. The bottom part of the object is angled with a rectangle, so it fits perfectly when you store it. The top part is well cut and smooth you won’t get a cut for your fingers. I use this object on my table. By looking at the object, it might look light but it’s a bit heavy, so you don’t have to worry about the object getting easily broken no matter where you drop or bump into it. As you can see, the holes at the front are all different. One hole is big, so you can put big cosmetics such as cream type in there and the other side of the hole is like a small square so you can put long cosmetics such as eyeliner, lipstick etc. and store them. Also, if you look from the side, it is diagonal so you can see the cosmetics that are placed at the back even if you put large cosmetics at the front. The object is transparent so you can see what cosmetics are stored in the organiser from a distance. It’s a good design object that helps to store messy cosmetics in a neat way.

Scalp massager

This object is a scalp massager. It is used for when washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. As the bottom part of the brush is shaped as a scrub shape it makes it easier to wash your hair. In addition, the bottom is not made of hard material, it’s made with soft material like rubber, so it won’t hurt you while using it.There’s a small knob at the top. When you wash your hair, your hands will get watered and slippery but as there is a knob to hold you can avoid dropping it while using it. As I mentioned before, the bottom part is made with soft material and top part is made with hard material. I think the top part might be made of plastic. Also, as the shape is not square or rectangle there is no sharp angles, so you won’t get scratches on your hands and it’s easy to store. By looking at the object it might look heavy but it’s very light so you can put it in a bag when you go on travel. The colours are beautiful too, the top part is red but shiny so it’s very luxurious red colour. The bottom part is blue-purple colour, and it matches very well with the red colour. I use this object every day, I use it to wash my hair clean, but at the same time, it feels like massaging my head, so it feels good and refreshing so I strongly recommend this item.

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