Wuthering Heights

Written by Emily Brontë

About the story

Wuthering Height is a tragic love story of Catherine and Heathcliff and Heathcliff's brutal revenge on Edgar and Isabel takes place in Wuthering Heights, a lonely mansion on a desolate field. Heathcliff, who is instinctive and even savage, and Catherine, who is arrogant and passionate, is an unrealistic, real human being who is not idealized and shows the world of human existence. After removing the difficult words, as the title suggests, it is a raging love that shakes the entire life. And the romance, called 'Wuthering Heights', defies the norm. It is not a romance that ridicules and justifies and idealizes rebellion, but a romance that empathizes with rebellion but agrees to the norm, a romance that is engraved with the scars of reality.

The story begins on the first day that the English gentleman Lockwood rents the Thrushcross Grange and rents a house, he witnesses the ghost of young Catherine and Heathcliff howling at it. Lockwood becomes curious about Heathcliff, the owner of the mansion, and asks Ellen Dean, the maid, to talk to him. Ellen "Nelly" Dean tells the story of two generations of love, hatred, and revenge between Heathcliff, Catherine, and Linton.