Wuthering Heights

Written by Emily Brontë


Why I chose this book?

I chose this book because it's a book that stirs up a lot of emotions and it's very attractive. What makes this novel unbearably attractive even though it has an extremely popular narrative of love and revenge lies in the personalities of the characters. It is surprising to see such unique and so striking characters fit into each other's empty corners and fit together. Catherine isn't just Catherine, it's Heathcliff's Catherine and the same goes for Heathcliff. They are extremely independent individuals who are driven by madness, yet they cannot exist without turning their backs on each other. It is for this reason that these popping personalities become living beings, and the reason that it is impressive is because there are empty corners for me as well.

About the chosen extract

I’ve chosen this extract because it's the most important part of the book. The reason why Heathcliff can't help but fall in love with Catherine are read at multiple points. As a child, they run through stormy hills and played with waterfowl feathers. Not only that, Catherine always stands by Heathcliff when Hindley beats him and Joseph whips him. Unfortunately, the difference between the two main characters is decided in an instant. After being proposed by Edgar, Catherine confesses it to her maid Nelly. Saying that she is not a person who can marry Edgar Linton and if the nasty person inside the house hadn’t humbled Heathcliff and made him low, she wouldn’t have even thought of a marriage like this. Lastly, Catherine said if she marries Heathcliff now, she’ll be humbled and low too. Heathcliff, who had been overhearing the conversation up to this point, leaves the house without hearing Catherine's last heartfelt words about Heathcliff, "Because he's more myself than I am" This is where the story's catastrophe begins.

About the design

In terms of design, I wanted to give a modern and clean feeling overall. When reading a book or text I think the layout of the text should be spaced out a bit for readers to read the book much easier. So, I have spaced out my extract and paragraphs moderately. The words I came across when I read this book are love, hate, revenge and fate. I chose a burgundy colour to express love between Heathcliff and Catherine. For dark green is to express revenge and hate of the book but also to express the beginning of a gap between the two. For the fonts, I have chosen ‘Yeseva one’ font for the heading because when I read this book a hill appears and I thought of a tree which lead me to tree branches and I felt this font express tree branches. For sub-headings, navigation and footer fonts I have chosen ‘Roboto slab’ font because I wanted the overall design to have a modern feeling and lastly I chose ‘Lato’ font for texts/paragraphs because as this is the font for main texts/paragraphs it needs to be simple and it should be comfortable for your eyes when reading.