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MON-SUN : 8am - 6pm

Richardson's Traditional Bakery


Richardson's Traditional Bakery was founded in 2003 by Rose Fabsin. Currently, Rose's daughter has inherited it and is running it with all her might. We offer freshly baked goods from organic and natural ingredients. Richradson's Traditional Bakery is committed to making bread and cakes that are safe to eat. Same-day dough, same-day production as the principle, and we are working hard to continue that reputation with unchanging passion through constant new product development. We will continue to aim to improve the quality of our customer's food culture so that people of all ages can enjoy delicious and healthy bread with peace of mind.

Meet our team

Owner of the bakery called sophie



Manager of the bakery called olivia



Assistant manager of the bakery called iam


Assistant manager

Staff of the bakery called liz



"It has been 20 years since we have been making healthy and good bread and cakes. With the ability to create a successful bakery, we want to create a delicious world that is loved and contributed to by customers, society and neighbours." - Sophia (Owner)