I'm Ye-Seul

I’m studying MA Web design and content planning at Univeristy of Greenwich. I’ve got a bachelor degree in Business computing & entreprenuership. Before coming to London, I lived in Cardiff for many years.

Interests & Hobbies


baking macarons

I love to bake. The reason I started baking is that I really like cake and cookies, but eating too much is bad for the health, so I wanted to eat healthy cake or cookies, so I started baking at home. I had no knowledge or experience in baking, so I found and watched baking videos on youtube. Baking is so fun, I bake whenever I have time. Sometimes, I give it to people around me, of course, if the results of the baking is good.


drawing of a dog

When I was young, I always drew or doodled in my spare time. I don't think about anyting as much as I do when I draw, so it relieved me of stress and I still draw occasionally. When I draw I don’t have a specific subject, I just draw what comes to my mind at that time.

headphones and iphone

I always listen to music for more than half of the 24 hours a day. Even when I sleep, I sometimes turn it on and go to sleep. I mostly listen to calm music or R&B, and I like K-pop. Listening to music puts my mind at ease and helps me focus better when I study. Music is like a friend to me, something I can't live without.

picture of violin
picture taken inside the plane
picture of wearing a ballet shoe