Oily skin

In the afternoon, the make-up disappears, and the face is stained with sweat and sebum!

Oily skin is skin that is oily (greasy) and not dry. If you're wondering if you have oily skin, wash your face and wait 20 minutes without applying anything. After that, if your face starts to get oily, it might be oily skin.

Charactersitics of oily skin

an image of oily skin

⦿ Large pores and rough skin texture.

⦿ Acne or pimples occur easily.

⦿ Skin becomes shiny due to excessive sebum secretion.

⦿ Make-up is easily removed due to stickiness and shine due to oil.

⦿ The skin looks thick due to thickening of the stratum corneum.

⦿ The skin is rough and shows blackheads and whiteheads.

⦿ Fine wrinkles do not appear well.

⦿ There are cases where the skin color is uneven due to excessive sebum accumulated in the pores

Oily skin care

Wash your face thoroughly at least once a day!

The first step in skin care is to wash your face thoroughly at least once a day. Everyone knows this, so it can be taken lightly. It can be cumbersome and difficult to execute because everyone knows it. However, if you don't wash your skin clean, you won't be able to see the effect no matter how good basic cosmetics and face packs are.

Reduce the use of basic cosmetics

If you apply a lot of basic cosmetics, the cosmetics ingredients will be thickly piled up on your skin. This may cause more acne because the sebum secretion is not done smoothly.

Do you remember when I said that oily skin is oily skin? Therefore, it is better to avoid oily lotions or creams.

Facemasks that suits with oily skin:

• Turmeric and Aloe Vera facemask

• Tea tree oil and egg whites facemask

• Cabbage facemask

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