Neutral skin

The biggest feature of neutral skin is that the secretion of sweat and sebum is moderate and the blood circulation is smooth, so the skin surface is soft and smooth. Because of the low secretion of greasy sebum, there are almost no skin troubles, acne does not usually occur, and pores are not large except for the T-zone, so it wears makeup well, so everyone wants to have neutral skin. However, in the fall or winter, it can become slightly dry, and if you neglect skin care too much, your skin type may change and cause trouble, so you need to make some effort to maintain your current skin condition.

Charactersitics of neutral skin

an image of neutral skin

⦿ Make-up does not come off easily and lasts for a long time.

⦿ Since the blood secretion function is normal, the skin surface is shiny and smooth.

⦿ Blood circulation is good, complexion is good, and skin resistance is good.

⦿ Skin condition may change depending on the season and health condition.

⦿ Skin trouble does not occur easily.

⦿ Almost no redness on the face.

Neutral skin care

Neutral skin care is much easier to manage than other skin types, but among normal skin, there are those who have slightly oily skin and those who have slightly dry skin, so let's find out how to manage accordingly. Of course, don't forget to wash your face with a mild face wash once a day, like massaging in lukewarm water.

1. Wash your face once a day using a mild face wash.

2. Use lukewarm water rather than hot water when washing your face.

3. Exfoliating lightly once a week is helpful for skin health, but avoid strong stimulation.

4. Supplying oil and moisture with moisture and nutrition packs once a week is also helpful for maintaining neutral skin.

5. In addition to stress management, eating vegetables and protein evenly is helpful for skin health.

6. Drinking enough water is also helpful for neutral skin care.

Neutral skin care with oily tendency

Neutral skin prone to oily tends to be slightly oily, so it's best to avoid using oily moisturizers that contain a lot of emulsifiers. However, since it is not generally oily skin with a lot of sebum secretion, if you use oily products containing alcohol, your face is likely to get dry, so applying a light cream type that does not contain a lot of fat emulsifier will help maintain skin health. .

Neutral skin care with dry tendency

Neutral skin with dryness needs a little moisturizer because the skin is in a slightly dry state overall, but since the skin is not dry enough to age, it is a mild moisturizer containing natural ingredients that does not clog pores or cause acne. A rising cream or anti-aging cream is suitable. In other words, it is good to maintain skin health by using products with relatively low fat content that causes acne.

Facemasks that suits with neutral skin:

• Apple facemask

• Cucumber facemask

• Tomato facemask

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