Combination skin

The biggest feature of combination skin is that the characteristics of two or more skin types appear differently for each part of the face. So, even when using cosmetics or taking care of your skin, you have to manage it differently for each part and use other cosmetics, but you can maintain healthy skin without skin trouble.

It is most common to have a combination of oily and dry skin, and the forehead and nose secrete a lot of shiny sebum, so it is oily, but the area around the cheeks and chin is dry, so if you wash your face or remove dead skin cells (deep cleansing) frequently in the fall and winter, It is dry and tight skin.

Depending on the level of sebum secretion and dryness, it is divided into severe combination skin and weak combination skin. It can be divided into normal combination and dry combination skin, so it can be seen as one of the most difficult skin types to manage.

Charactersitics of combination skin

an image of combination skin

⦿ The T zone area is oily skin or acne skin, but the area around the eyes, cheekbones, and cheeks have dry and sensitive skin characteristics due to a sudden lack of moisture.

⦿ In winter, the skin on the cheeks tightens.

⦿ Areas with a lot of sebum have wide pores, and areas with little sebum have a rough and dry skin texture.

⦿ The skin feel is unstable.

⦿ Pigmentation often appears on the cheekbones and cheeks.

⦿ Blood circulation and metabolic functions are reduced, and capillaries are fixed in the cheek area.

As mentioned in the characteristics of combination skin, severe combination skin and weak combination skin require slightly different management methods. This is because there are quite a few skin owners who have a bigger difference between oily and dry skin types in the T-zone and U-zone.

1. How to manage severe combination skin

If your cheeks are dry and you always have skin troubles such as pimples and pimples around your chin and nose, you are the owner of severe combination skin. In this case, even when using cosmetics, be sure to use products for dry skin on the cheeks and products for oily skin on the T-zone.

2. How to care for weak combination skin

Although the skin is thought to be similar to normal skin, acne in the T-zone area sometimes occurs when the season changes. In this case, it is easy to neglect the care of the T-zone area, thinking that you have normal skin.

Combination skin care

Washing face

When washing your face, it is recommended to thoroughly wash the T-zone area around the nose and gently touch both cheeks. Since the skin type is a combination of the two types, it is recommended to use a mildly acidic cleanser that is less irritating.

Basic cosmetics

When choosing basic cosmetics, depending on the degree of combination skin, you should use a non-oily moisturizing product in the T-zone area where sebum secretion is high to prevent clogging of pores, and apply an appropriate moisturizer depending on the degree of sebum secretion on the cheeks. It is good to supply moisture to the skin and prevent moisture evaporation.

Facemasks that suits with combination skin:

• Carrot facemask

• Green tea facemask

• Spinach facemask

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