Small Business Website: Revisited

Analysis & Summary of Improvement

This article is about analysis and summary of improvements for small business website. After receiving feedbacks, I have looked back at the small business website. I spotted that there can be some improvements needed in certain parts.

First, I have spotted that the logo was too small so the logo wasn’t clear. Logo is one of the important features for a website so it should stand out so I have resized the logo but I didn’t change the design or the colours of the logo.

I have used javascript to improve the user experience. I have used javascript for real opening times and closing times of the bakery. So when a user visits the website when the bakery is opened it will show “welcome! we are open now.”

I have changed some parts of the contact page as it was poorly structured when I looked at the website after the feedback. The contact page didn’t help the user with clear information about contact so I have improved to neatly layout the information. Also, I have added a contact form at the end of the contact page as this is much more easier and faster way to contact the bakery.

I have added a custom 404 page. The custom 404 page helps to improve the UX. Also, I have improved responsiveness from the first version for different devices. I have added click-button on the homepage for users to access other pages more quickly rather scrolling up to the navigation and clicking it.

I have changed the colour and the design of the website. the colour contrast of the first version was not good so I have changed it to a new colour. The new colour matches well with the traditional bakery as it gives a modern feeling. Also, I have changed the dotted border to double border as it makes the site look more clean and neat.


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