Kiki's Delivery Service

Summary of the film

At the age of 13, Kiki has to go to another village and become independent by herself according to the witch's custom. Kiki tries to take the broom she made herself, but following the advice of her mother and Jiji, she rides on the broom made by her mother and goes on an adventure. Kiki, who wants a town with a view of the sea, encounters a shower while moving....


a girl called kiki


The main character of the movie, a 13-year-old little witch. As it is her old custom that when she turns 13 she should leave home and practice her practice, she settles in koriko village as she leaves her house on a moonlit night with Jiji. Her black dress and red ribbon are the hallmarks of her Kiki. She starts a delivery service using a broom at a bakery in Osono and grows through various experiences.

kiki's cat called jiji


Kiki's black cat. The age is 13, the same as Kiki's, and together with the broom, it shows that Kiki is a witch. Jiji can't talk, but Kiki can talk to Jiji with the power of magic.

kiki's mother


Kiki's mother is also a witch. At the age of 13 she came to the village where she now resides and then she settled down. The magic she can use as a witch is [flying in the sky] and [making medicine with herbs]. There is no god who calls her name in the play, but on the information board in front of her house, only [If you have any business with the witch, please ring her bell - Kokori] is written.

kiki's dad


Okino is Kiki's dad who is an ordinary person with a cool personality, a folklorist who studies witches and spirits. A warm father who supports Kiki.

kiki's friend


A friend from the village Kiki settled in, a boy with glasses who longs for the sky and belongs to the flying club, wants to fly and has the temperament of an inventor. He makes a bike with a profiler and ride Kiki on it. At the last minute, while trying to stop the airship from being swept away by strong winds, he was blown away by the airship and almost fell, but was saved thanks to Kiki.

bakery owner


A kind and warm-hearted bakery owner with a full-term body. She is also the one who understands Kiki the best, thanks to having a unique experience in her own way. Knowing that Kiki was nowhere to be found, she willingly rented a room and provided various conveniences so that she could work.

ninteen year old girl


A 19-year-old girl who lives in a cabin in the woods and paints. She gets to know Kiki in the wake of an item she dropped during her delivery and they become friends.

kiki's customer


This is a customer who asked Kiki, who lives in a house with a blue roof, to make deliveries. Becomes friendly as she bakes a herring pie in the oven to send to her granddaughter. A warm-hearted person who gives chocolate cake as a gift to support Kiki, who is upset because she cannot fly.